If your sales team holds the key to your bank’s growth this year, it’s crucial to invest your Learning & Development (L&D) budget wisely in areas that will empower them to excel.

2024 promises to be a landmark year in banking and finance, marked by significant changes and transformations.

The influence of AI will be pivotal, permeating every aspect of the sector—from revolutionising customer service to reshaping financial management tools and streamlining back-office operations.

As you plan for the year ahead, remember that your sales team is crucial for your bank’s growth. These advancements, while promising more efficient, innovative, and cost-effective solutions in banking and finance also pose challenges for your corporate sales teams. It’s crucial to ensure that they have access to the development they need to navigate these changes successfully.

Adapting to the Hybrid Seller: Sales roles are blending, meaning salespeople need to be good at both digital tools and face-to-face meetings. Directors should make sure their teams learn these skills well.

Making Sales Processes Smoother: Sales teams often get bogged down by paperwork and slow processes. Directors should help streamline things so the team can spend more time building relationships and making sales.

Finding and Keeping Good Salespeople: It’s tough to find and keep talented salespeople. Leaders need to find the right people and help them learn the skills they need for modern financial services sales.

Teamwork between Sales and Marketing: Sales and marketing teams need to work closely together. Directors should encourage departments to share ideas and work as a team to keep customers happy and grow the business.

Selling Value, not just Products: Instead of just pushing products, sales teams should focus on solving customers’ problems. There is never a solution without a problem. This helps build trust and keeps customers coming back.

Leveraging AI to Reduce Administration: AI technology can revolutionise efficiency by cutting through administrative clutter, enabling teams to focus on relationship-building and driving sales. However, alongside these advancements, it’s crucial to establish clear guidelines to ensure the ethical and effective use of AI within your sales operations. Do you have these guidelines in place to support your team’s success?

As you invest in your sales team’s success in 2024, remember that the TRANSFORM sales programs offer a blueprint for success, empowering individuals to navigate the challenges of the corporate sales landscape with confidence and clarity.

With 2024 promising significant changes and the pivotal influence of AI reshaping the banking and finance sector, it’s more important than ever to equip your team with the skills and resources they need. Let’s start on this journey together – drop me a note, and let’s pave the way for a brighter future in Corporate Financial Services sales.

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