How will this program accelerate sales growth in our organisation?

What does this workshop include?

In the transformative journey of the TRANSFORM Accelerate Sales Program, your sales team will be guided through the nine essential steps to sales growth, from targeting initial clients to managing won business effectively. These steps sharpen targeting, research, approach, and negotiation skills, leading to increased revenue generation and sustained business growth.

1. Targeting the right clients: The foundation of successful sales lies in identifying the ideal target clients effectively. Smartly identify the ideal target clients including determination of what events generate a demand for your service. By mastering this step, you will optimise your prospecting efforts and focus on those most likely to convert into valuable clients.

2. Researching clients more efficiently: In today’s fast-paced business landscape, efficient research is paramount. We will show you how to use analysis to identify opportunities and strategically plan your approach to researching and reaching your target clients. This step ensures you have the knowledge and insights necessary to tailor your approach strategy effectively.

3. Approaching clients with value and insights: Gone are the days of traditional sales pitches. In this step, you will be trained on a proven method to approach clients, positioning yourself as a value-deliverer rather than a mere salesperson. By offering genuine insights, you will establish meaningful connection and build trust with your prospects.

4. Needs analysing effectively: Understanding your clients’ true needs is the key to selling efficiently. We will equip you with practical tools and a four-level questioning approach (macro, industry, client, expected) to uncover gaps and problems, enabling you to offer tailored solutions that resonate with your clients.

5. Summarising client requirements: To boost your proposal conversion rates, we will introduce an additional stage in your sales process. By mastering the art of summarising client requirements, you will present proposals that precisely address your clients’ needs, set you apart from the competition and increase your sales conversion rate.

6. Finalising a compelling pitch: A compelling pitch can make all the difference in winning over clients. In this step, we will guide you through three critical steps to craft a pitch that distinguishes your business from competitors, leaving a lasting impact on your prospects.

7. Obtaining a yes: Closing deals successfully requires skilled negotiation. You will learn three key negotiation steps to secure more business and increase your win rate. Mastering these techniques will make you a formidable and profitable negotiator.

8. Realise revenues through smart implementation: Efficient implementation is crucial for timely revenue realisation. We will share effective strategies to streamline your implementation process, ensuring faster revenue generation from closed deals.

9. Managing existing business for growth and expansion: Our final step equips you with tools to manage existing business innovatively. By adopting new approaches, you will stimulate portfolio growth and generate valuable referral business, fostering sustained growth for your organisation.

This program consistently delivers a return on investment (ROI) that is typically fivefold or greater for clients.


“I engaged Mark to run the programme for my Sales team. The course feedback was very positive and, more importantly, the attendees had very clearly grasped the concepts and also felt confident that they had a strong sales process which they could put in practice”


Senior Advisor Boston Consulting Group

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