One thing I noticed in my 25 year sales career was there was never a step-by-step sales process for people to follow to be successful.

Often sales people are put in the position of ‘sink or swim’. Maybe you might get a product training session then be told to go out into the field to generate results.

You may even get some sales training on how to communicate effectively with customers. But do you ever get shown an end-end sales process?

I worked in high end Financial Services sales for all these years and despite all the training courses I went on (and I went on them all), I was never showed an end-end sales process.

So, I built my own. I deconstructed everything I learned in my career, what worked, what failed. I detailed step-by-step what I actually did through trial and error to become successful in sales. From defining my value proposition and targeting initial clients right through to managing business I’d won.

I named the process TRANSFORM© and its now generated over $10 Billion in deal values.

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Coaching programs to tackle the problems of weak pipeline, stalled deals and the challenges of targeting new industries and customers. Available through in person and on-line training.


An interactive One Day TRANSFORM© Group workshop to teach your sales team how to win big transactions, faster. Guaranteed 5 x ROI or money back. Working with only a select number of clients, Mark can help you revolutionise your sales team.



Sales Process


Sales Modules

10$ Billion

Mandated Deals

$100 Million

Profits Won

“The Thinking Like a Banker Training SWIFT completed with Mark on innovation and disruption was very interactive and conducted in a very positive attitude. The facilitation was excellent and supporting data and materials were great. Mark’s strong communication skills and ability to convey complex financial scenarios in a simplified way definitely gave our team members new perspectives and insights for business growth”


SWIFT Head of Oceania Region, APAC

“Mark is an outstanding salesperson with a deep understanding of the changes transforming the finance industry. He is high energy, focused and genuine – plus he delivers.”


Associate Director, NSW Treasury

“Mark’s TRANSFORM process can be applied to any sales process. He gives you detailed worksheets where you can plan your sales process and be successful.”


CEO, Financial Mappers

“Sales Acceleration Program – I have had the pleasure of knowing Mark for many years now and have always been impressed by the passion and high quality content that he brings to the TRANSFORM Sales Acceleration Programme

I engaged Mark to run the programme for my Sales team. The course feedback was very positive and, more importantly, the attendees had very clearly grasped the concepts and also felt confident that they had a strong sales process which they could put in practice.


Senior Advisor Boston Consulting Group