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TRANSFORM Sales Growth

Unlock sales excellence with the TRANSFORM financial services sales programs

Day one -

Targeting and lead generation

Targeting clients effectively and defining your ideal client profile. It includes determination of what events drive a demand for your service. Each course participant agrees on two or three target ‘new to business’ opportunities to pursue.

Attendees are shown the optimal tools and technologies to use to efficiently research industries and target customers. Prospective client financial supply chain metrics are broken down and real-life case studies are dissected to work out the optimal way to approach clients with insights.

An approach strategy is defined for each target client including what initial materials to approach with. Training is also provided on setting up the first meeting and the WIN meeting tool is used to set-up real life meetings.

Each course attendee undertakes research and analysis on their chosen target clients business, industry and financials.

Day two-

Progressing defined opportunities

Course attendees regroup armed with their target lists and client research. We collectively work out and role play how to translate the research into opportunities. There is a strong focus on executing an excellent first meeting and the importance of the multiple levels of needs analysis. We also focus on working capital, payment flows and financial supply chain gaps to accelerate opportunities.

Attendees are then taught how to progress opportunities deeper into the sales cycle. Time is spent on detailing client requirements and how to effectively co-create solutions.

Making impactful presentations that differentiate the salesperson are covered and leveraging neuro science to build trust in the organisation is examined. The importance of managing negotiations and profitability is also covered off as is handling objections to maintain deal progress.

Each course attendee commits to follow up on real new business opportunities with two new key sales behaviours. This ensures the practical course learnings are put into real life deal action.

Day three-

Measuring results and overcoming roadblocks

When we get together on day three, we measure and monitor progress of the identified opportunities. This includes breaking down any challenges or concerns each participant has on learnings to date. Real life challenges on penetrating new industries and clients are dissected.
This session is all about ensuring commitments that are made are followed up and real business is moving through the pipeline.
Strategies to more effectively onboard business that has been won is covered including a step-by-step overview on smart implementation.
Strategic account management is also covered including how to balance time between existing and new clients.

The ascending transaction model is discussed in detail as is the client ‘loss aversion’ dilemma. Overall course momentum is measured and preliminary ROI is assessed. A fourth short follow up session may be set-up dependent on overall revenue generation progress.

The sales program consistently delivers a return on investment (ROI) that is typically fivefold or greater for clients.


“We had Sales Managers from ten MUFG markets trained on the TRANSFORM sales process. With the training, we noticed a change in staff selling behaviours, confidence & results”


Managing Director, MUFG Bank

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