When you get suited up for a webinar and your wi-fi fails!

Last week I thought I’d get dressed up to host a webinar with SAP Signavio the software workflow changemaker entitled ‘Making every sales person the top salesperson through process and data’.

It was nice to freshen up and put the suit and business shirt on after six months of working remotely. (If your anything like me your working day has radically changed and your normal routine of shower, suit up, commute up and socially interact has been hit for six).

In the spirit of the TRANSFORM sales process we did four rehearsals for the webinar, I confess those were in boardshorts and T-shirt.

Anyway, everything was set for the big day to deliver some real value and insights to people tuning in from around the world.

Then at 2.50pm, ten minutes before the webinar was due to start my wi-fi stopped working, it had been intermittent all week. Your wi-fi has been disconnected was the message!

In fact, I had a feeling in my gut that the wi-fi would cut out and fail on the day of this important webinar. A funny thing sixth sense isn’t it?

Going into the webinar I built a plan b of using my mobile phone as a data hotspot if the wi-fi did crash.

When the wi-fi stopped working I enacted my own small business (BCP) Business Continuity Plan and switched to mobile data.

With my fellow webinar participants, I tested the video and sound quality and everything was perfect at 2.58pm.

At 3pm we rolled the webinar cameras and no one even noticed the frantic scurrying around in the background.

Diverting to a mobile hotspot saved my day and the attendees were happy.

With all of us so reliant on technology these days we all need a plan b for our sales and marketing activities.

The best results in sales and business more broadly come from doing the research and preparation. There are no shortcuts to success despite the adverts you see on Facebook.

Good luck for your next presentation, prepare, have a plan b and be ready.

You can view a copy of the successful webinar at www.markswain.com.au/videos