Three sales training steps to get you out of your sales hibernation

Yes, I understand it is tough out there right now. You’re getting sick of sharing the new house office location with your partner, fed up with the overflow of zoom calls and trying to juggle home schooling whilst keeping your job and delivering sales results.

You’re just not feeling it at the moment and feel like sales hibernation is the best place to be.

The reality though is that your business needs you more than ever and now is the time to come out of sales hibernation and prove your worth at this time.

Even the Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison has said it’s time for Australia to get out from under the doona (that’s duvet or quilt for the non-Aussies) and get the economy moving.

But how do you actually do that when your prospective customers are invoking their own crisis management plans.

Here are three sales steps to get you out of sales hibernation and keep you moving forward.

1. Manage your existing business

It’s much easier to sell more to an existing customer than to a new customer. For most businesses, 80% to 90% of revenues come from existing customers. These customers are the ones that ultimately cover your business’s fixed costs, pay the wages, facilitate payment to suppliers and generate a profit.

Use this time to reach out to existing customers to genuinely help and support them. Can you provide them with ways to be more profitable and efficient at this time? Can you provide them extra value at this time that they will remember for a long time? Do you need to adapt your products and services to meet their new requirements?

Spend some time now really looking after your customers, nurture them, build new capabilities with them, and develop trust-based relationships with them. Time invested in managing and supporting your existing business now will pay off in the future.

2. Research new opportunities

You cannot sell to an industry if you don’t understand it.

In high-end sales, you simply cannot have a discussion with someone in an industry if you know nothing about it. Use this time to research prospective new customers business models and operating environment.

–       Have you read the clients annual report?

–       Have you mapped the businesses financial supply chain?

–       Do you know who the key people are?

–       Can you simply explain their key revenue streams, major divisions and major costs?

–       Do you know their vision and strategy?

–       Do you know the major trends affecting the industry?

By doing the right research now on prospective customers you will be amazed at the difference it makes when you do meet the client for the first time and how it assists in building industry-based value propositions. Now is a good time to come out of hibernation and do deep research on the prospective future clients and industries you want to attract.

3. Revisit your sales process

Is your sales process centred around your target customers requirements? Are you solving your target markets biggest problems? How are you approaching them with value and insights to differentiate your business throughout the sales process? Have you clearly segmented each stage of your sales process around the following sales stages?

– Targeting Clients

– Research Required

– Approach Strategy

– Needs Analysis

– Summarising Requirements

– Finalising Proposals

– Obtaining A yes

– Realising the Revenues

– Managing for Growth & Referrals

Now is a great time to refine your existing sales process around changing customer requirements and implement a new sales process with defined sales stages if you don’t have one.

So, there you have it. Three steps to help you come out of sales hibernation or emerge from under the doona and get ready for the post Covid-19 economy.

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