Ten tips to improve your virtual selling

As the debate rages on about what the new hybrid work environment will look like, the simple fact is many of your buyers are working from home or remotely, probably three days a week.

Here are ten key sales tips to help you sell more effectively virtually.

1. Win the morning, win the day:  There is masses of research out there about how much more focused our brain is in the morning. Set your big sales tasks to achieve between 7.30am and 11.30am. If you are productive during this time without distraction you will win the day.

2. Switch off social media: Speaking of distractions, with our brain taking up to twenty minutes to refocus after we are distracted, switch off any pings and dings from your friends at Facebook, Whatsapp, LinkedIn and all social media. Constant dings and buzzes don’t only distract you they distract your prospective client and signal I’m not actually giving you my full attention. You can pick up these non-urgent messages during your first late morning break.

3. Build digital rapport: Many people forget the importance of building rapport in a digital environment. It is easy to just click ‘join meeting’ and go. You need to spend more time developing rapport and connection in a virtual environment as it is harder to read body language, expressions and cues.

4. Leverage visual aids: It is much easier to quickly share a screen with a high impact visual aid compared to pulling out a folder without knocking over your coffee in real life. Don’t be afraid to share your screen to co-create options, explore alternatives and discuss common industry problems.

5. Your virtual background is your brand: Your virtual background is part of your new business attire. Prospective buyers do not want to be looking at your pile of dirty washing, stack of paperwork or washing machine. Get set up with a minimalistic professional background or find a professional virtual background.

6. Listen intently: With the chance of distractions and interruptions to your prospective buyer so much higher, work even harder to listen well. Just because it is virtual selling you do not have to be constantly speaking. Someone once taught me you have two ears and one mouth, use them in that proportion, I have never forgotten it.

7. Practice, practice, practice: Just like in the real world, practice your calls and pitches. Nothing is more frustrating for prospective buyers than not being able to hear you, see you or understand you.

8. Leverage video: It’s critical to keep high-quality video on even if your clients is off. Using video its much easier to build rapport than with it switched off. Ensure you have good positioning and lighting to reflect professionalism to the prospective client.

9. Have a plan for the meeting: You need to be even more organised in virtual sales than face-face physical sales as you have less time to cut through. Plan your meeting carefully in advance. My GROWTH meeting planner helps sales people optimise their meetings by.

Greeting in the most appropriate way

– Researching the key facts that interest the client

– Opening the meeting with a clear benefit to the client

– What questions to ask are carefully planned in advance

– Takeaway key points are clearly defined and delivered

Home. Meeting summary and follow ups are done before going home. This demonstrates you can execute and builds prospective buyer confidence.

10. Stick to your sales process: Whether you use my TRANSFORM financial services sales process or any other, stick to what works and generates results. Do not lose sight of the key sales principles of targeting ideal clients, researching them and their industry, approaching with value and insights and understanding needs at multiple levels to then deliver solutions that differentiate you from the competition.