Ten productivity tips to make you successful for 2024

Improving your productivity and working effectively will be one of the most important things for you in 2024. In an era of rapid technological development, mastering productivity and smart working will be critical for your success. Here are ten strategies to guide you towards a successful year.

Learn more to earn more – Learning never stops and it’s important to keep developing and employing continuous learning to stay ahead of the curve. Read daily and engage in industry-related courses, workshops, or certifications to enhance your skill set and stay updated with the latest trends, technologies and perspectives.

Focus on Deep Work – In an era of constant connectivity, carving out time for deep, focused work is crucial. Create a conducive environment by minimising interruptions, turning off notifications, and setting clear boundaries. Concentrated, uninterrupted work sessions can significantly enhance productivity, state of mind and the quality of output.

80% of success is showing up – Woody Allen was famous for saying “80% percent of success is showing up.” Register for the conference, create the product, attend the meeting. By being in the room you can make things happen. Dedicate the necessary time to develop professional relationships.

Take consistent action – The work you do today determines where you will be in one or five years time. It’s crucial to keep taking action and moving forward. You will achieve big things by the compounding effects of a daily 0.5% improvement. Consistency is your greatest asset.

Do one thing well. Commit to one task at a time to give yourself the best chance of success. Focus your energy and efforts in doing one thing at a time properly.  Trying to multitask and moving from one project to another, leads to overwhelm, lack of productivity and energy depletion due to not using your brain in the optimal way.

Do the work. Don’t look for shortcuts. Robert Schuller the famous author and motivator succinctly notes that “Spectacular achievement is always proceeded by unspectacular preparation.” Put in the work, there are no shortcuts to delighting customers and creating great products.

WIIFT – Whether you are arranging a coffee or a more structured business meeting always outline the ‘What’s in it for them’ to meet you. People are busy accomplishing their goals and objectives, you need to explain how you will help them on that journey.

Circadian rhythm – Get natural sunlight in your eyes first thing in the morning instead of the glare of your smartphone. This will send clear signals to your brain its time to be alert, proactive and productive. Don’t switch your mobile on for at least the first hour of your day and don’t get straight into scrolling useless information. It is not normal to be checking your phone every five minutes.

To get superb work you have to do superb work – By relentlessly focusing on delivering more value to your customers you have to constantly strive to get better. I spend time every day working on how I can delight my happy customers even more.

Exercise – You cannot remain productive if you are not moving your body. Take regular breaks from your PC and exercise on a daily basis, even if it walking to meetings instead of taking the train or cab. Also eat heathy to get the best productivity output from your brain and your body. Your well-being directly impacts your productivity.


2024 offers a wealth of opportunities for personal and business progress if we are disciplined about our productive behaviour. The problem is many people spend their days aimlessly scrolling, eating a poor diet, not exercising and not creating products that delight customers.

By incorporating these productivity tips into your routine, you can unlock your peak potential and thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of today’s modern business.