Sales are about to take a whole lot longer in our instant gratification world.

We live in a world where we expect results right now. We want faster internet speeds, real time transactions, and same-day delivery of packages. Speed and ease dictate our buying decisions. Slow service often earns instantly bad Google reviews. And ‘first-in-market’ often feels like the best achievement.

But can we always have instant gratification.

Instant gratification is the desire to experience pleasure or fulfillment without delay or deferment. Basically, it’s when you want it; and you want it now. Instant gratification is the opposite of what we’ve been taught and try too hard to practice — delayed gratification.

But is faster always better? Are we becoming too focused on instant gratification — where short-term results are more valuable than long-term success? Where your boss is breathing down your neck craving some short-term results and wins.

I have some bad news for you.

Business to business sales are about to take a whole lot longer in our instant gratification consumer economy. Your job as a professional sales person will be to manage the conflicting priorities between instant gratification pressures and delayed gratification realities for the following reasons.

Budgets have been restricted – many businesses right now have cut or significantly reduced not essential expenditure meaning achieving instant sales gratification will be even harder.

It’s more difficult for the sales person to get across multiple people involved in a decision – even with a compelling value proposition a seller’s challenge right now is how do I virtually effectively get across all the people in the buying decision?

It’s actually harder for buyers to assess group decisions whilst working virtually – the client themselves are finding assessing key decisions more difficult as they get bombarded with a wave of video meetings. Many executives are complaining of being more fatigued than ever at the end of the day through a new onslaught of zoom meetings. The simple practicality of a company even reviewing your offer is becoming more difficult.

Business cases are under higher levels of scrutiny – unless your business case delivers a near immediate return on investment in the current environment it’s going to struggle to get approved. Businesses are still in crisis management mode, raising capital, protecting cash, safeguarding employees and trying to retain customers. Unless your proposal can clearly demonstrate how you can deliver your clients ideal state vision, it will be more difficult to win transactions; and

People want to buy results more than ever – In the past people purchased your product or service. The equipment, the car, the CD but now they just want the outcome, the result. They want to obtain the service, listen to the music and get to the destination.

In our instant gratification economy, you won’t always be able to deliver or generate results instantly but if you can demonstrate results and a real outcome through the right sales training you will be more successful.

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