Navigating the noise – ways to thrive in our fast-paced world

A lot of bankers and salespeople I meet are nervous. They are lost in this world that is moving faster and faster.

Truth be told I feel lost and confused sometimes to.

Sometimes it feels like my brain is about to explode taking in all the new developments happening.

Do you feel the same way?

People often say to me Mark, there is so much noise and information out there. What do I do?

– How will I adapt and keep a job with AI coming?

– What content do I create that actually resonates?

– How do I generate new business when it is getting harder and harder to reach people?

I have found the following behaviours have helped me manage the times when I’m overwhelmed and indeed attracted people and business opportunities to me. I hope they work for you.

Enjoy what you do – Work doing something you enjoy. It will carry you through the tough times and push you on during your depths of despair (which always come). Plus, life is too short to be doing work we hate.

Help people – Go out of your way to help others with no agenda. Talk to someone who may not become a customer of yours but who you can help. The universe has a funny way of paying people back that genuinely help people.

Have a perspective – Have a viewpoint and share it. Too many people feel they have to be following what all the innovators are saying. Example. I believe eliminating cash and enforcing digital transactions on everybody is a bad thing. Some people need cash to survive and some don’t have access or capabilities to use digital technologies. My eighty-two-year-old mother is a prime example.

Be positive – Yes, I agree there is some horrible stuff going on in the world. However, I’d much rather be alive today than three hundred years ago. Following an illness recently I find I’m even more positive and thankful now. Don’t wait for your illness to be positive.

Show up – Make the effort to go to events and conferences, even if it is raining outside or you don’t want to do the commute. The people that continually show up attract opportunities.

Be known for something – Are you the ESG Queen, Mr. Start Up, Miss Marketing or the guy who transforms financial services sales teams. Have a position and be known for something you are passionate about and believe in. People will remember you if you are known for something.

Create products and assets – If you die tomorrow what will people remember you for? Write an article, build a system, write a book. Create an enduring asset people will remember you for.

Even though my brain was frazzled and confused when I sat down to write this article, I hope you find it useful.

I hope the robots and AI of the future are using my TRANSFORM Sales Process. I certainly know people will remember me for it!