I’ve forgotten how to sell

Ask yourself these sales questions

This is exactly the statement conveyed to me last week by a very experienced and capable Financial Services Sales Director.

In a world where meeting up for a coffee may not be an easy option, many salespeople if they are totally honest are feeling like this.

So many people have been stuck at home for weeks on end and don’t know what to do to generate business. The pressure is building on them from their bosses and themselves, no matter how many ‘stay strong through Covid’ hampers are being delivered.

Many salespeople are waking up stressed every day which feels the same as the last, wondering what to do.

– Should I hop onto LinkedIn and create a post to look busy? Maybe that will generate some leads?

– Should I explore email marketing as I read from a sales guru it’s the new ‘easy’ way to generate business? Everybody seems to be trying it after all and my inbox is bombarded with automated email sequences?

– Should I go to a virtual conference and network? It’s free to attend and will only take four hours of my time attending sessions and mingling from my home office.

These are just some of the questions under pressure sales people are dealing with right now.

I’ve actually tried all of these approaches and more and measured what works and what does not. Here are some things for you to be thinking about.

Ask yourself how much time are you actually spending selling rather than thinking about selling or being distracted by posts like this?

Recognise that achieving corporate sales is tougher than ever and you need to be ready every day to be ghosted and rejected. Are you ready for this?

Is 70% of your time being spent with your pre-defined Ideal Client Profile and the clear buyer personas you have researched who will make the decision on what you sell?

Are you picking up the phone and talking to at least twenty potential customers every day? Or are you looking at the phone and committing to yourself to do some prospecting tomorrow?

Are you creating insightful materials that solves customers real problems? Or are you pushing the features, capabilities and awards of your business?

To win 12 deals you are going to have to hold 144 initial conversations. Have you had your 144 conversations this month?

Sales is not easy; it never has been. But now it’s harder than ever with lack of personal contact and elongated decision timeframes across multiple decision makers.

Maybe it’s time to honestly ask yourself are you working hard and smart enough to sell?