It’s sales, not social media sales

Everybody expects quick sales results these days from social media. By posting an article on LinkedIn or placing an advertisement on Facebook many are aiming to get an influx of sales.

Then reality strikes and there is disappointment when the sales don’t come flooding in and the social platform has just gobbled up some more of your time or marketing and advertising budget……you know that feeling?

The simple fact is social media is what it says, it’s a form of media, a form of communication and that form of communication needs to fit into a much wider sales and marketing strategy.

So, firstly let’s recap on the components of a successful sales and marketing process.

Target the right clients

Research the customer & their industry

Approach with value & insights

Needs analyse at multiple levels

Summarise client vision

Finalise a compelling proposal

Obtain the yes through contract execution

Realise revenues through efficient implementation

Manage for business growth and referrals

Will social media define your value proposition and ideal clients? Will social media research the client characteristics and their industry operating model? Will social media approach with value and insights? Will social media uncover the needs of your customer? Will social media prepare a compelling proposal?

The answer to all these questions is no.

All social media does is allow you to communicate, just as other platforms such as TV, radio, website and print let you communicate. So, let me say it now, social media is not the silver sales bullet. Social Media is a form of communication but NOT a sales strategy.

Also, social media is not free unless you don’t value your time. It’s easy to jump onto Facebook for ten minutes and easily be there an hour later, probably browsing the latest social media guru explaining how they have a magic formula to double your business and or life results in seven days! Have you come across some of those?

So be aware, social media can be a massive time drain and it has to be very strategically managed as part of a much wider sales process and strategy.

It really is about sales not social media sales.

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