I can’t sell you that!

Yesterday I ventured out to a furniture store to buy a new chair. The one I have been sitting on is too high and I have been getting a stiff neck from all the zoom calls. You know that feeling?

Below are the details of my experience.

Me. Hi, I’m looking for a new chair as my current one is too high and I’m getting a sore neck.

Sales Assistant. We have a wider selection at our other store (10Km’s away).

Me. That’s too far away and I need one now because my current chair is uncomfortable. I’d like to buy that $79 one please as it’s the right height.

Sales Assistant. I can’t sell you that.

Me. Why not?

Sales Assistant. Because we are waiting a table to come in to go with the chair.

Me. But the chair is priced at $79 individually. Could I buy the chair with the $79 price tag please?

Sales Assistant. Sorry, I can’t sell you the chair you need to order it online.

Outcome. A store empty of customers but full of furniture with a willing buyer that doesn’t capture my order. I go elsewhere to buy as the purchase has been made difficult.

I mentioned here before “Make it easy for your customers to transact and do business”.

It astounds me how some retailers wonder why they are struggling. Don’t stuff up your sales. For sales coaching to increase your sales book an informal chat below.