One thing I noticed in my 25 year sales career was there was never a step-by-step sales process for people to follow to be successful.

Often sales people are put in the position of ‘sink or swim’. Maybe you might get a product training session then be told to go out into the field to generate results.

You may even get some sales training on how to communicate effectively with customers. But do you ever get shown an end-end sales process?

I worked in high end Financial Services sales for all these years and despite all the training courses I went on (and I went on them all), I was never showed an end-end sales process.

So, I built my own. I deconstructed everything I learned in my career, what worked, what failed. I detailed step-by-step what I actually did through trial and error to become successful in sales. From defining my value proposition and targeting initial clients right through to managing business I’d won.

I named the process TRANSFORM and its now generated over $10 Billion in deal values.

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