Achieve more sales by learning the TRANSFORM© sales methodology which delivers a 5 x return on investment or moneyback.

You will learn:

Targeting more clients more efficiently

Researching customers and their industry

Approaching with value and insights

Needs analysis at multiple levels

Summarising client vision

Finalizing a compelling 3 stage pitch

Obtaining a yes through smart negotiation

Realizing revenue through planned implementation

Managing for growth and referrals


TRANSFORM Your Sales Course Content

Module 1

Defining your value proposition. Shaping your value proposition so it is remarkable and compelling.

Module 2

Targeting ideal clients. Smartly identify the ideal target clients including determination of what events generate a demand for your service.

Module 3

Researching prospective customers. Plan the best ways to research and reach your target clients.

Module 4

Approaching target clients. Training on a proven method to approach clients where they see you as delivering value not selling.

Module 5

Needs analysis. Deployment of practical tools and four level questioning approach to better understand the client’s real needs.

Module 6

Summarising client vision. Implementation of an additional stage in your sales process to lift your current proposal conversion rates by at least 20%.

Module 7

Finalising a compelling pitch that differentiates your business from the competition. Includes five steps for a killer presentation.

Module 8

Negotiation and obtaining a yes. Three key steps to close more business and obtain the yes outcome more frequently.

Module 9

Realising the revenues. Learn strategies to a more efficient implementation resulting in faster revenue realisation.

Module 10

Managing for growth and referrals. Obtain tools to manage existing business in innovative new ways that generates portfolio growth and referral business.



10 Module On-line Course

10 Digital Sales Tools

Self Paced Learning



10 Module On-line Course

10 Digital Sales Tools

Self Paced Learning

44 Page Sales Guide

One In Person Coaching Call



10 Module On-line Course

10 Digital Sales Tools

Self Paced Learning

44 Page Sales Guide

Resolve Your Biggest Sales Problems With Three Mentoring Calls

“Thank you for a very insightful workshop. I really learned a lot from you. I’ll remember some of the insights taught for life!.” 

Joshell Cabral – Corporate Sales Manager, MUFG Bank 

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