It never ceases to amaze me how some companies make doing business so hard.

– Upgrading your phone

– Getting a legitimate refund

– Changing electricity supplier

– Buying something from display

– Opening a bank account

Don’t be one of the businesses that makes it difficult for your customers to actually do business. You know the one where one box is not filled in on one of the seven forms so everything grinds to a halt. Or an onboarding application process where you need a PHD and two weeks holiday to actally complete the documentation.

I have written before about the importance of enabling your customers to “buy something low cost, low friction first so you can land and expand your offering”.

Many salespeople often win the business then make it difficult for the customer to come onboard.

Often there is no, or a poor handover to the implementation manager or customer service team. Or sometimes it’s a case of this is how we onboard customers and “compu’er says no”. (Brilliantly portrayed in the British comedy show Little Britain).

Always be there to ensure your sales gets delivered efficiently and to the customers satisfaction. The best salespeople genuinely care about the product or service delivery to the client.

Be sure to get involved in the onboarding, attend implementation meetings and weekly progress calls, and monitor post implementation reviews. You will learn so much about your customer and your real service delivery through this process that the benefits will outweigh the time invested.

You will also be able to continously improve your customer acquisition and onboarding model.

You will learn product tips to help you sell your services in innovative new ways, you will see real-world examples of what your business really delivers, and you will build trusted business relationships that last a lifetime.

Clearly define how you implement to the customer and have an implementation plan that covers clear steps to exceed customer expectations.

My migrating from the ‘compu’er says no’ to ‘our business says yes’, will ensure you have happier customers and more stable business growth.

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