Boardroom to Bedroom. The shift to digital sales.

So, let’s face it, the new reality is people will be largely working from home for the foreseeable future.

The bedroom has turned into the new boardroom for doing pitches and sealing deals. People have scrambled to buy new office desks, chairs (that can comfortably support eight hours of Zoom meetings a day) and new pictures for their virtual meeting backdrops.

The world of sales has moved to virtual and digital just as payments have moved to electronic and contactless.

However, we have been told for years no one ever makes a large purchase over the phone or without meeting and getting to know you.

So how do we effectively manage sales in the new era of commerce.

Here are five tips to help you sell more effectively as we migrate sales from the boardroom to the bedroom.

Technology – Your understanding of video and new communication technologies is the new professional dress code. Sitting up straight on video calls, having a professional background image and quality microphone are all new pre requisites to communicate your message effectively. Ensure you are familiar with screen sharing, changing backgrounds, playing videos and all the functionality your new communication channel offers. Take time to do digital presentation rehearsals just as you do in the physical world. The smoothest digital presentations will leave the best impressions so practice, practice, practice.

Mindset – Approach each day with a positive mindset (which can be difficult as the negative daily news sucks us in). Set your daily goals the evening before so you are subconsciously thinking about them. When you wake up, start executing on the most important tasks that move you forward. Take time for your health through daily exercise. Foster your wellbeing through social interaction, even if it’s a walk to the local café to grab a coffee and have a chat. It’s very important to not drown in a plethora of digital meetings. Step back and work out your vision, mission, goals and what you really want to achieve. Sales progress is about the compounding effects of continually moving forward with a positive mindset.

Process – Using a formal sales process is critical to ensure you make progress and cut through on identifying and progressing opportunities. The risk of distraction whilst working virtually is so much higher, with events such as the kids walking in (if you haven’t seen this hilarious example of home working distraction at its finest check this out (Children interrupt BBC News interview), the delivery driver knocking on the door or the easy to pursue ‘other activities’, such as administration and internal meetings to take your focus from generating revenues and customer loyalty. Manage your time ruthlessly and ensure over 75% of it is actually spent on activities that move you towards creating sales and relationships rather than administration. Create an end-end sales process, right from targeting clients through to managing the business you have won. Follow the process across your organisation for optimal results.  

Insights – More than ever prospective customers will value insights, new perspectives and value-added thinking. Work out how you can approach opportunities in new ways that really capture attention and use tools like our COST industry analyser sales planning tool to review your target client’s industry. Prospective buyers are swamped at home right now managing a wave of back to back meetings and potential distractions so focus on ensuring your message is differentiated and cuts through the noise with real value and insights.

Future ready – Future sales are the consequence of the work and effort you put in now. Invest in new capabilities, new learning and new approaches. Get ready to succeed in the new normal through a smart combination of digital interaction and human touch. Remote selling is the new normal and you need a combination of digital interaction, technical proficiency, optimised process, time management, value-based insights and human touch to differentiate from the rest.

Best of luck as we all move to a new world of digital sales. To discuss sales training that can help your business grow feel free to book an informal chat below.